About the Author

Joe Peterson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in October 1939. He graduated from Cathedral High School in 1957 and attended Purdue University to graduate with a major in Chemistry. He then studied Business Management in Indiana University.

He has been married for over forty years to Marilyn, with four children and four grandchildren.

Currently, Peterson is the president/owner of Crown Technology, Inc.; Crown Enterprises, LLP; and Crown Restaurants, Inc. He has been with the corporate group for over fifty-one years in manufacturing, research and development, sales, and management.

During these capacities, Peterson acquired over nine patents for steel pickling and acid recovery. He had helped develop over fifty products for laundry, car wash, ware wash, maintenance, and retail. As well, Peterson has performed laboratory and pickling studies for many steel companies and the U.S. EPA.

In 1999, Peterson developed the concept for Peterson’s, a fine-dining restaurant in Fishers, Indiana.

His professional affiliations and publications are listed below:


Wire Association International, Inc.
Pershing Rifles


“Closed Loop System for the Treatment of Waste Pickle Liquor,” 1977
“Waste Minimization and Recovery Techniques for Acid Pickling,” 1992