Joseph Peterson sets the bar in trouncing tough challenges and leading a life well lived as he unveils his life story in The Adopted Son: Perseverance To Achieve Success.

The Adopted Son describes Peterson’s life, from the time he was born through to seventy years of developing successful businesses and raising a family. Readers will discover Peterson’s indomitable spirit and constant perseverance as he pulled himself through one educational level and then through another, to build a valuable reservoir of knowledge—all this despite a troubled life at home. He tenaciously demonstrated the same golden quality in his purposeful ascent up the corporate ladder.

As he slowly unfolds his motivating life experiences, Peterson builds up encouragement for the reader in between the threads that seam together his incredible life experiences. He describes God’s constant, positive influences in fortifying his perseverance to achieve success.

Filled with lessons on work and on life, The Adopted Son moves the heart even as it encourages reaching for success.